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Thermory AS is an Estonian specialist manufacturer of thermally modified solid wood flooring, decking, cladding and sauna products. The main species used is ash due to the exceptional properties the wood forms after thermal modification. Pine, pecan, hickory and birch are also used. Established in 1997, Thermory has become one of the leading thermally modified hardwood producers in the world, offering a wide range of products for both interior and exterior use.

Thermal modification is a computer-controlled process which is carried out in specialized Finnish kilns at high temperatures.
Only steam and heat are used with no chemicals added. The Thermory® product range includes two modification levels: Medium and Intense.

-Medium-modified wood is suitable for indoor use, making it perfect for flooring and wall panelling. The color of medium-modified wood varies from light to medium brown.

-Intense-modified wood is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. It is most widely used as decking and cladding. Due to the high dimensional stability and durability, thermally modified wood can also be used in wet rooms and on radiant heated floors and concrete. The lifetime of the wood also increases significantly. Depending on the species, the color varies from medium to luxurious dark brown.

With continuous product development, Thermory will continue to offer wood solutions which are high quality, durable, functional and environmentally sound. All products are free of chemicals, harmless to utilize and do not originate from endangered rainforests.