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In order to emphasize the increasing role of marketing in achieving our ambitious growth targets and to boost the development of a viable marketing and branding strategy across all product categories and group companies, marketing department as a new division in Thermory is born.

Till date, marketing was an integrated part of Thermory sales teams. After merger in October 2018 we continued with two separate marketing teams – one part of interior and another one part of exterior sales division. As of 10th June 2019 marketing will operate as an independent department, working in close cooperation with and towards same goals with both exterior and interior sales team and our daughter companies in USA and Finland.

We welcome Andres Kangur who is joining Thermory AS Group Marketing Director effective 10th June 2019!

Andres has about 20 years of international marketing and executive experience from different business areas – FMCG to food and car retail. We expect that Thermory as well as our customers will win and gain from the significant and valuable experience and marketing know-how that Andres will bring.

Andres will be supported by a strong team – Silja Helistvee and Elisa Järvsalu as marketing and brand managers of Auroom and Thermory and marketing assistants Marita Mones and Daisi Rämman. 

We thank all our customers and partners in advance for tight cooperation and for welcoming and cooperating with Andres and his team!

Welcome on board, Andres!

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