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Thermory Ash Shingles

Thermory Ash Shingles are suitable for both exterior and interior wallcovering.
Two profiles available: S1 and S2-E.

The S1 is an individual shingle with the following measurements:
Thickness: 4/10 mm
Width: 80-150 mm
Length: 350 mm
Bundling: approx. 100 m2/ pallet (gross).

The S2-E is a shingle panel suitable with PaC-System®
Panel thickness: 31 mm
Panel width: 350 mm
Panel length: 1250 mm
Bundling: approx. 47.52 m2/ pallet (gross).
Shingle panels are installed to the Shingle CLAD battens. 

Shingle CLAD is a part of PaC-System® installation collection which offers a simple press-and-click system for various Thermory decking and cladding profiles.
PaC-System® enables the shingle panels to easily click onto the pre-installed clips of the Shingle Clad solution. It is the quickest and easiest installation possible for traditional wooden shingles!

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